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BIOnet – The IBF Research Network.


BIOnet – The IBF Research Network
BIOnet is an open network about scientific research about life sciences, e.g. regenerative
medicine, Biodanza research, positive psychology, health psychology & early
education worldwide (see area 1 and 2). BIOnet is also open for artists, qualitative
research works, self-experiential science, which gain and express their knowledge
out of subjective intuitive experience (see are 3).


 Area 3: New paradigms. JORGE TERRÉN

Feeling Life’s Mystery
A new paradigm is a new look at old questions.
In this case Life.
I was always attracted to research on this topic; I did this first as a scientist and now as a biodanzero (a participator in a biodanza class)
Influenced by a criterion of Objectivity, I considered Life as something to be studied without realizing I was outside it; I was an Observer, I had lost the connection.
Now I have abandoned objectivity for Relationship; I have moved from being an observer to being a Participator and an adventurer.
Life is a network of relationships and links; nothing is Outside, everything is connected.
I believe that life was not created to be explained (by an Observer) but to be felt (by the adventurer-participator).  We must change from using cognitive study tools to using emotional methods, from thinking to feeling.
A writer said that we are unable to speak of God, but we can talk with God. The same is true of Life: she is not a problem to solve, but a mystery with which to experiment.
The book of life is not written on sheets of paper, but in experiences (vivencias); in order to read Life it is necessary to experience feeling life, to feel alive.
Following from the biodanza tradition, I propose, as a strategy to recover that lost connection, creating an environment rich in possibilities so that Life can be Present.
Evolution never took place in isolation; it is always a co-evolution with the environment; this environment must change from being repressive to being permissive with the expression of life that beats within each being.
Wisdom is biological, it is connection. Life is waiting for us, it only needs stimuli to appear and when it emerges we recognize it, we feel that we know what it is, even without being able to understand it.
Of course we can only speak of it with those who have been inspired to live. Those people live with a humble attitude, recognizing the depth of Life’s mystery, which exceeds any rational explanation.
Life was not to be orderly, stable and certain, with a logical coherence; it always presents as something magical, adventurous, unstable, mysterious and creative.
The strategy of searching for certainty gave no benefit; I propose changing to a dance with uncertainty.
This means not containing Life by study but allowing its expression and recognizing it in its freedom.
                        JORGE TERRÉN





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