International Biocentric Foundation

International Biodanza Foundation

IBF is a limited society that has its legal branch in Eire (7th floor, Hume House, Ballsbridge, Dublin).

The administration, the accounting and the legal aspects are in charge of “Fiduciaria Colombo”, lawyers office with its head office in Lugano, Swiss  (Viale San Salvatore, 10. CH Paradiso (TI), Switzerland). The responsible lawyer of IBF is Carlo Guzzetti.

Moreover the IBF contacted other lawyers to make easier the bureaucracy  in registering   the trademark in all over the world. They are Gevers agency for Europe and doctor Norberto Barreiro for America, both are specialists in trademarks.

The administrative structure appointed in the IBF law statute is:

- President: Sergio Cruz

- Vice presidents: Rolando Toro Acuña

- Board of Directors: Raul Terren, Giuseppe Scibetta, Marcelo Mur, Maria Verónica Toro, Rolando Toro Acuña, Sergio Cruz, Ricardo Toro Durán, Claire Lewis, Cecilia Toro, Viviana Luz Toro Matuk, Armando Montanari.

The board of directors is permanent and it’s functions is to make decisions with the president with the aim to preserve the System Biodanza (to coordinate the running of the schools of Biodanza, to draw up diplomas to the qualified professors, to authorize the realization of events, among others)

- Asamblea de socios: esta compuesta por todos aquellos que poseen al menos una cuota societaria de la IBF. Actualmente su composición esta en una fase de definición sobre la base del testamento de nuestro amado Prof. Rolando Toro Araneda, fundador del Sistema Biodanza y ex - propietario de la mayoría de las acciones legales de IBF.

- Consultative body: This body is going to be organized and will be composed of the Biodanza school directors and it’s structure will be open. It’s main function is to communicate the needs of the schools to the board of directors and to establish stronger links to this organ.

Currently IBF is concerned with the registration of “Biodanza” in all the countries of the world and to preserve it when it’s already registered; at the moment is registered in more than forty countries.

The IBF economic model isn’t based on franchise system.The professors qualified trough the schools are free-lancers. The training schools have an economic autonomy but they are not methodologically independent. That has the aim to preserve the model integrity.

To formalize these conditions we have drawn a contract that has to be signed by the directors of the training schools and by IBF. This contract fix the rules that both parts have to respect and it set an annual amount that schools have to pay to IBF (1000 euro for the schools in Europe, North America and Japan and 800 euro for the schools of South America). This amount is destined to release the administrative costs (mailing, certificates, lawyers, tax, etc.) and the costs for the trademark.

This is a Biocentric model (it isn’t based on the neocapitalist economy) that lets the higher autonomy to teachers and directors, to make members to have the motivation and the responsibility to go on with their work.

All this aims to inform members of the movement of Biodanza as regards the juridical structure of IBF, which is indispensable to maintain the continuity and the integrity of the Biodanza system also in absence of its creator, Rolando Toro Araneda.

The juridical protection security given by IBF, aims to protect those who take part to the biodanza System, and it is completely responsible and transparent.





Administrative Secretaries IBF

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